The Mindy Project

Tis the season … the season for fresh new comedies, dramas, and the hopes and dreams of potential new stars and starlets to jump from obscurity into a life of fame of fortune (among other things). Now the Fall TV Season is upon us, I’ll (hopefully) be posting about the new shows out there, the returning favorites, and which ones I like. If anyone out there is reading, here’s hoping you enjoy a review from a random person on the internets (aka me)!


Today, class, I’m going to talk about The Mindy Project, which premiered last night on Fox (though those in the know could have watched the premiere through Hulu, OnDemand, or other arenas). I’ll get right to the point – I loved it. I loved that it was funny, sad, (mildly) dramatic, and basically like a romantic comedy but in tv form. Now we’ve seen shows like this before – the “will they or won’t they” shows – but this is a fresh take on it. What I loved the most about the show, however, was that it featured a female lead who’s a little bit tanner than normal (and no, I’m not talking Jersey Shore tan, but tan as the people of Southeast Asia are, and as I am). I love seeing a character I can related to on several different levels.


Another thing which struck me about the show, was the lovely writing. Any of us who watched Mindy Kaling on The Office, may or may not know that she also wrote for the show. She also has a book out now – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) – a book which I also related to and highly recommend buying or borrowing from your local library (my local library even let me e-borrow the book for my Kindle). Watching the premiere, I felt a lot of connections to her book – as a woman, as a child of immigrants, as someone who enjoys humor, as someone who has had back luck with men, etc. So if you like the show, you’ll love the book, and vice versa.


Need more proof of Ms. Kaling’s talent? Just ask any one of her almost 2 million fans on Twitter.


I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. As we tv addicts know, pilots often differ from the main season. The reason being that pilots are shot first, then picked up by the network (or not), and, if it is picked up, then a whole season is produced. I’ll be hoping the season stays as strong as the pilot. I can’t wait to see how her relationships progress (especially with the “will they or won’t they” male lead on the show, Chris Messina, and the “Mr. Right Now” lead, Ed Weeks).


Well, until next time – stay tuned, my friends!



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